Der Seelenstern befindet sich ca. 15 – 30 cm oberhalb unseres Kopfes. Seine Farbe ist Magenta und schwingt in der fünften Dimension. Die Erzengel, die mit diesem Chakra verbunden sind, sind Erzengel Zadkiel und Amethyst, die uns vorbereiten, sowie Erzengel Mariel und Lavender (Lavendel), die uns bei der Entwicklung der höheren Aspekten dieses Chakras helfen.

Archangel Zadkiel and Twin Flame Amethyst

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Clearing and Transmutation of the 4 Bodies

Archangel Mariel and the Soul Star Chakra

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The soul star is a magnificent magenta-coloured chakra that radiates our Divine Feminine wisdom. Magenta is a mixture of bright pink and electric blue. The beautiful pink ensures that everything is actioned from the highest and purest intent of the heart, while the electric blue holds the power of manifestation.

The task of this chakra is to bring forward our gifts and talents to help us, our family and humanity as a whole. Archangel Mariel is in charge of it. He works closely with Archangel Mary and together they hold the Magenta Flame of Divine Feminine Love. A mass opening of soul star chakras is now occurring.

The soul star chakra is connected to Orion, the cluster of stars that carries the wisdom of the universe. This chakra is such a powerful manifestation tool that its misuse was one of the factors that caused the destruction of Atlantis. Now humanity is once more being entrusted to use it for the highest purpose.

It is also linked to Chiron, the wounded healer, and Vesta, the mother of the home. Because of its prior misuse, these star systems are lovingly beaming in energy to heal the hearts of all of guilt. Then the angels will help us to balance our masculine and feminine aspects so that we can come into true mastery.

There are 33 petals in the soul star chakra and they are all to do with aspects of love and personal responsibility. Archangel Mariel’s task is particularly delicate, for it is critical that our soul star is not opened until we are ready to use our gifts and talents with responsibility and the utmost integrity. Our Higher Selves, working in co-operation with Archangel Mariel, are overseeing this to ensure that we only use our power for the highest good. The soul star is a very powerful chakra.

From The Archangel Guide to Ascension with Tim Whild

Tim Whild - The Halls of Amenti, The Soul Star Chakra

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