The Stellar Gateway chakra, which is one to two feet, (30-60 cms.) above your head, is pure gold. It holds your monadic energy and contains the sum total of all your experiences. Your monad is your original divine spark and is the true essence of who you are. As you become ready to bring this higher energy down into your daily life, you simultaneously access Source energy. You experience ultimate consciousness – true oneness. You have to earn this right through spiritual endeavour and dissolution of ego, usually over many lifetimes.

Two Archangels oversee this chakra – Archangel Metatron who is helping the whole of humanity to rise in frequency and Seraphina, a Seraphim, who is forming the link with your monad and Source.

This chakra is the gateway to Source and is the most wonderful deep gold colour. When your lower chakras are ready this mighty flower opens so that you can access divine energy. Then it is a chalice which fills with holy nectar and filters it down to those below.

Taken from the book Ascension through Orbs by Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell
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Who is Archangel Metatron?

He is the angel of ascension who oversees your stellar gateway chakra. He offers you his Metatron cloak and bathes you in ascension light, radiating a wonderful golden orange glow. His angel retreat is above Luxor, Egypt.

Metatron’s gemstone

Archangel Metatron radiates a beautiful golden orange. He helps us in so many ways to raise our frequency so that we can take all the spiritual opportunities available in this lifetime. His crystal is an Orange Calcite. This resonates with him and with the stellar gateway chakra.

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Archangel Metatron's Light bath

Archangel Metatron's Light bath - Tim Whild​

Video Archangel Metatron golden-orange Cloak

Archangel Metatron cube